Historical Timeline

1920 Census – Curtis N. Gaston reported to “own the farm, no mortgage”

1950 – Best guess of when the east pecan orchard was planted. The trees in this photo in 1965 are likely 10-15 years old.

May 1965 – Note Pecan Trees in the background

3/19/1959 –  Curtis N. Gaston died

12/27/1960 – Purchased from Luella R. Gaston (widow 0f Curtis N. Gaston) and Charles W. and Lillie G. Barnes and notarized on December 27th, 1960.  The Barnes signed a release of an income tax lien the same date. Recorded in Real Property Book 2472, page 702. Owner’s Title Policy by Lawyers Title Insurance Corporation. Policy No. Y993-234

~1966 – Pole Barn was built

~1968 – Grain Bin was built

1969 – Dad built a brick home for Mom to replace the original frame farmhouse.

8/17/1969 – Hurricane Camille made landfall in MS with 190 MPH winds. Blew down 35 pecan trees and more.

6/13/1971 – DSD Died

2004 – Tom Gaston Road was paved in front of the farm

1/24/2010 – ARD Died

3/9/2012 – Estate has been settled and land as of this date is in our name.

Probate online records search here.

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