Fire Ant Control

Bait combinations (hopper-blend treatments)

Research has shown that combining a fast-acting bait with a slow-acting bait as a hopper blend offers the best characteristics of both types of bait: fast action, thoroughness and forgiveness in coverage. The fire ant bait Extinguish Plus® is a blend of hydramethylnon + s-methoprene baits.  Be aware that in some states blending must be mentioned on the label in order for it to be legal.  Currently, the hopper blend combination of AmdroPro® (hydramethylnon) with Extinguish® (s-me­thoprene) or Esteem (pyriproxyfen) is on the labels for these bait products.

The real benefit of the hopper blend is that you use one-half of each product and apply the mixture at the full rate of one. Therefore, you get the benefits of both at no extra cost.

Mixing bait with fertilizer

Buying a special spreader or mixing bait and fertil­izer to save a trip across the field are not suggested practices. However, recent field research and grower practice have shown good results if the bait and fertil­izer are mixed in the field and applied immediately. The longer a bait is in contact with fertilizer, the greater the chance of it not working because of salt contamination and unpalatability to the ants.

If you choose to mix bait and fertilizer, start with a small area and see if the bait works before risking the cost of a large treatment.

Below from here.

Extinguish + Amdro Pro Hopper Blend1 – mix 0.75 lb of each individually available product (50:50 hopper blend) applied at 1.5 lbs/acre total.  Gives speed of control of Amdro Pro and the duration of control of Extinguish at no extra cost.  Similar restrictions for grass forage as Amdro Pro.  For a discussion on hopper blends please see footnote below for ANR-1297.

Extinguish Plus (0.25% s-methoprene + 0.36% hydramethylnon) – the same ingredients as used in the hopper blend of Amdro Pro + Extinguish but sold as a single product.  Extinguish Plus may be applied to grass forage (pastures and rangeland) for the control of fire ants in some southern states.  Do not cut and bale hay from pastures and rangeland until 7 days after the bait application is made.  Label more limited than Extinguish.

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