Creeping Charlie

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  • Kill using a broadleaf herbicide featuring dicamba or triclopyr
  • The plant is a member of the mint family, and it grows quickly.
  • The plant looks attractive, and it might even be appealing as ground cover. However, the reality is that it’s an invasive weed. It kills anything around it, smothering the roots, blocking sunlight, and preventing water and nutrition from reaching the roots of your plants.
  • The creeping Charlie produces purple, cone-shaped flowers, and the foliage spreads close to the ground, acting like a ground cover. Some gardeners might confuse the creeping Charlie for the creeping Jenny. At a glance, both the plants might look alike. However, the creeping Charlie features scalloped edges on the leaves, while the Creeping Jenny foliage is smooth.
  • If you want to remove your creeping Charlie using an herbicide, make sure you do this in the fall, and well before the plant has a chance to seed. If the creeping Charlie does manage to seed, you’re going to have a big problem in your yard the following season.
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