2024 Spring Garden Plans

Varieties that have done well and to be sowed this year. Those in bold are seeds we need to buy.

  • Basil – Prospera® DMR (CG1)Organic (F1) – Ordered from HOSS 12/2/2023. The large leaf Prospera is a new one to us and this is the first year to try it.
  • Kentucky Wonder Bush Beans
  • Corn
    • G-90
    • Temptress – from HOSS our first planting.
  • Cucumbers
    • Poinsett 76 – Ordered from SESE 12/???/2023
    • Generally Cuke Slicing Cucumber – Ordered from Fedco on 12/27/2023 based on Farmer Pam’s recommendation and its good disease resistance. Was named General Lee. “A favorite of many, this gynoecious cuke holds its place in our catalog as the best choice for overcoming stress and diseases and for performing well in cold summers, with high yields of uniform straight dark-green white-spined 8–8½” slicers that don’t peter out in the halcyon days of summer. Retains both color and good flavor even in heat. Resistant to scab, CMV, PM and DM.”
  • Okra
    • Cajun Jewell from 2023 saved seeds
    • Clemson Spineless – Ordered from SESE 12/???/2023
  • Peas
    • MS Silver Crowder
    • PEPH/Top Pick
  • Peppers
    • Charleston Bell Peppers (N) did well in 2020. Ordered from SESE 12/???/2023
    • Iberia Cayenne Pepper – First time to grow. Ordered from HOSS 12/???/2023
  • Squash
    • Gold Star – Per MS Ext here. – Ordered from HOSS 12/???/2023
    • Betternut 401 Hybrid Winter Squash
    • Zuchinni, Desert – A new one for us – Desert zucchini plants are compact and very productive, producing very uniform, straight, dark green (almost black) zucchini with faint light speckling. Highly recommended. Ordered from Whigwam on 12/2/2023
  • Tomatoes
    • Betterboys – Ordered from HOSS 12/???/2023
    • Big Beef – I; 70; large-fruited; beefsteak; good disease resistance; AS, F, GLS, N, TMV, ToMV, V. – Per MS Extension here. Ordered from HOSS 12/???/2023

How to Grow Better Boy Tomatoes

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