Plant Inventory – African Violets

Purchased from the Violet Barn on 3/30/2021

Upon Arrival on 4/8/2021

RS Ariel – Large semidouble white stars with blue thumbprints, then some variable white streaks of fantasy.  Medium green and white variegated foliage.  Standard.

RS Ariel

Heartland’s Baby Egrets – Lovely little plant.  Bright white blooms with rose veins on yellow throat, heavily serrated foliage.  Small to compact grower. Marten.

Heartland’s Baby Egrets

Rob’s Gundaroo – Profusion of medium baby-blue double blooms.  Semi-miniature trailer.  AVSA #9294

Rob’s Gundaroo

S rupicola – Single pale blue to mauve blooms.  Oval, medium green, foliage.  Standard species grown either as rosette of muticrowned.

HCY’s Peach Queen – Terrific grower.  Large salmon-orange backed blooms with cream face spotted with dark orange-red.  Dark, red-backed foliage on stiff, red stems.  Vigorous grower and bloomer.  (Huang)

Chidori – ……………………

6/1/2021 – Mary placed an order with The Violet Barn for the three violets below. All text and images below—except the photo of the plants as arrived—are from their website.


Often referred to as “flame violets” or “chocolate soldier plant”, these gesneriads have the family’s most beautiful foliage.  All grow quickly and easily.  Since they readily produce stolons, they can be grown as basket plants as easily as potted plants for the table top or windowsill.Care is same as for African violets, though extra warmth and humidity are appreciated, making them very suitable for terrarium culture (though not required).  Easily grown under artificial or natural light, most are ready bloomers when stolon growth is controlled.  Visit our “plant care” pages to learn more about repotting and grooming episcias.

La Solidad Bronze (Episcia)

Smaller, soft, dark, bronze-green leaves with dotted center lime-green to white stripe.  Orange-red blooms.  Easy grower.

La Solidad Bronze


These gesneriads will bloom heavily year-round, and are quite spectacular.  Very easy to grow and bloom, and are great for windows.  Trumpet-shaped blooms with flat faces are borne over strap-like leaves.  Many visitors to our shop will mistake them for orchids!  Unlike violets, each leaf will produce 8-10 or more bloom stalks, sequentially, so that plants tend to stay in heavy bloom for long periods of time.  Culture and care is the same as for violets. If you are going to grow just one other blooming houseplant besides African violets, we would highly recommend trying Streptocarpus.  They are extremely easy to grow and almost constantly rewarding. Photo at left submitted by Holly VanVoorhis of streps in her kitchen window.

Most varieties grow best in 5″ when mature, perhaps a 6″ pot if very large.  “Compact” varieties can be kept in a 3 or 4″ pot, and “small” and miniature varieties in a 3″ pot or smaller. The exact size of the plant can be controlled by the grower–if leaves become too long just trim with scissors!Pot into 3″ pot at first bloom.  Visit our “plant care” pages for more information on repotting and propagating streptocarpus.

Bristol’s Red Rooster (Streptocarpus)

Sdbl. deep, velvety-red blooms held in clusters high above medium green foliage.  A prolific bloomer that can make a spectacular display when mature.

Red Rooster

LE Violetta  (Streptocarpus)

Spectacular, large, very dark purple, slightly fringed, blooms with large, bright white throat.  Larger grower.

LE Violetta

6/1/2021 Order as Arrived.

As arrived on 6/11/2021.
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