Plant Inventory – African Violets

Purchased from the Violet Barn on 3/30/2021

Upon Arrival on 4/8/2021

RS Ariel – Large semidouble white stars with blue thumbprints, then some variable white streaks of fantasy.  Medium green and white variegated foliage.  Standard.

RS Ariel

Heartland’s Baby Egrets – Lovely little plant.  Bright white blooms with rose veins on yellow throat, heavily serrated foliage.  Small to compact grower. Marten.

Heartland’s Baby Egrets

Rob’s Gundaroo – Profusion of medium baby-blue double blooms.  Semi-miniature trailer.  AVSA #9294

Rob’s Gundaroo

S rupicola – Single pale blue to mauve blooms.  Oval, medium green, foliage.  Standard species grown either as rosette of muticrowned.

HCY’s Peach Queen – Terrific grower.  Large salmon-orange backed blooms with cream face spotted with dark orange-red.  Dark, red-backed foliage on stiff, red stems.  Vigorous grower and bloomer.  (Huang)

Chidori – ……………………

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