Gator Clutch

Cleaning Primary Drive Clutch from here

IMPORTANT: Avoid damage! Never lubricate any part of the primary drive clutch.

1. Park the vehicle safely. (See Parking Safely in the SAFETY section.)

2. Raise and secure cargo box.


3. Through access hole (A), remove clutch cover plug (B).


4. Remove three screws (C) securing clutch cover. Pull cover away from clutch.


Picture Note: Engine removed for clarity. Engine does not need to be removed to clean clutch.

5. Through access hole (D), use compressed air to blow dust and debris out of clutch. Also blow dust and debris out from underneath the belt along the main shaft.

6. Install clutch cover and tighten screws (C).

7. Install clutch cover plug (B).

8. Lower the cargo box.

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