Grease to Use

This page is a compilation of advice from Forums and Manufacturers that seems to be legitimate. This is a work in progress to become comfortable that the right grease is being used in our various services.

From MyTractorForum on 7/28/2021 here:

  • use a grease, often black, that contains molybdenum disulfide. I worked as an industrial maintenance mechanic for many years and that is what we used in many different industries.
  •  If you grease a lot more frequently than recommend you could use any type of NGLI grade 2 available. The recommended grease allows you to grease at the recommended intervals.
  • With the [JD] Multi-Purpose Extreme Duty Synthetic Grease there is no need to buy several different greases for different applications. One product can be used for all applications – in the home and on the farm.
  • Polyurea is extreme pressure non soap based grease used in high speed bearings like blade spindles and motor bearings. Do a web search for Polyurea grease and you’ll find more than a few manufacturers. Chevron SRI, Mobil Polyrex EX, …… You don’t want to mix Polyurea with other greases It reacts with them and clumps up.
  • Bunton, Bobcat, John Deere, Ferris, and several others specifically call for Polyurea grease in the blade spiindles. Polyurea is a thickening agent not a brand. You can get it from most grease purveyors including equipment manufacturer branded greases.
  • Go to O’Riley. They stock a Lucas grease that’s Polyurea compounded.…14-5-ounce-heavy-duty-grease/luc0/10301?pos=0

Grease Compatibility Chart and Reference Guide

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