Dallisgrass/Crabgrass Notes/Links



Prodiamine 65 WDG – Pre-Emergent Herbicide $20.48

Grass around the pond and weeds –

Dallisgrass in Turfgrass – Control Procedures – TAMU

Dallisgrass Control: How To Get Rid of Dallisgrass By Solutions Pest & Lawn.

  • Dallisgrass weed. The weed appears in star-like clumps with seed stalks that have three to five finger-like segments that are covered with fine, silken hairs.
  • We recommend using Celsius WG to kill Dallisgrass. Professional applicators should use MSMA Target 6 Herbicide.
  • Celsius WG Herbicide Label here – Celsius WG is a post-emergent herbicide that comes in the form of wettable granules. Delivers excellent performance on warm-season grasses and removes a wide variety of annual and broadleaf perennial weeds and grasses. 10 oz. for $116.49.
  • spot treatment applications, add the specified Celsius rate of 0.057- 0.113 oz. (1.6-3.2 grams) to one gallon of water. One gallon of spray solution will treat up to 1,000 sq. ft.
  • Mix the Celsius WG with water first and once it is well mixed, add the surfactant at a rate of 0.33 oz. per finished gallon.
  • a repeated application may be necessary about 2 to 4 weeks later. Repeat treatment in intervals until the Dallisgrass has died out.
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