Small Motor Repair Advice

Checking fuel flow in a 2-Cycle gas tank to carburetor – To reinstall the fuel and return fuel lines “take both lines off the carb. Push the bulb and see which one blows fuel/air out. That’s the big return one on yours. Other is the fuel line with filter. Anytime the bulb won’t pop back out, it is restricted or usually the little flappers that act as check valves on the little thin plastic piece between carb pieces. Don’t know what the official word for it is. It’s usually black or dark blue. I bend them all the way over once in each direction and put the carb back together. It has to be able to pump the primer bulb over and over and circulate gas through the carb and back into tank through large dump/pressurizing line.”  “Make sure that the return is pushing fuel back to the tank through the line that doesn’t have the filter on it. You should be able to push the primer bulb all day circulating fuel. If you can’t something is stopped up.”  From

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