John Deere X300 Mower

Frank & Peggy gave us his X300 when Sun South told him it would cost $700+ to replace the carburetor because it only runs evenly with the choke slightly on. He bought a Husqvarna. I installed an after-market carb from Alexander’s and it runs fine.

The Operator’s Manual in DropBox is here and the Service Manual is here.

To level the deck set the dial at 2.75 and use the gauge. Then set scalping wheels to ¼-½ inch clearance, see pages 23-25 in the Operator’s Manual.

General Specifications
ModelJohn Deere X300
Length72 in
Width38 in
Height43 in
Wheelbase49.4 in
Weight (without mower deck)483 lbs
Fuel tank capacity3.3 US gal
Engine Kawasaki FS600Vfrom here
Engine modelFS600V
Power output18.5 HP at 3,600 rpm
Oil type10W-30
Oil capacityOil Capacity
Spark plugNGK: BPR4ES
Spark plug gap0.7-0.8 mm (0.027-0.031 in)
Ignition coil air gap0.2-0.4 mm (0.008-0.011 in)


If not using any of the preferred greases, be sure to use a general all-purpose grease with an NLGI grade No. 2 rating. Lubricate three mower spindle grease fittings (A) with two pumps of grease at specified interval.


Carburator view and parts

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