Water Well

Installed 11/26/2016 by Edwin Williams of Bay Water Well.
cell (251) 865-9195
12680 Warren Creek Rd
Grand Bay, AL 36541

Original piping. Changed in 2019.

Commonly called a “4-inch pump” installed in a 4″ casing with a submersible 25 GPM pump. He said it is about 65 feet deep.

Ed had installed the pump Dad had as well as the filter. The invoice we found said the filter was to neutralize the acidity in the water so the copper pipes would not be compromised.

10/28/2018 – It seemed like it was short cycling and so I call him and he arrived within 2 hours. We had shut off the line to the cows and nothing running in the house and it did not come on as it had seemed to.

  1. He checked the runtime (20 sec) and said that is normal.
  2. He checked for rushing water back into the well and there was none as that would indicate the check valve at the submersible pump was leaking.
  3. He checked the pressure in the bladder thank using an air gauge and the air valve in the top of the tank and found it had 35 psi-he said that 25 is ok so we are fine.
  4. He said the tank has a 5-year warranty. So that would be November 2021.

He asked if we were using the filter. I said the contractor had changed the valves to bypass it and we had not changed them back. He said as long as we have plastic fittings in the pek pipe the only brass or metal that would be impacted would be the valves below the sinks and the plumbing hardware on the sinks and tubs.

I asked about the design of an irrigation system and he said to set the zones up to use 15-18 gpm.

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