Daylily Proliferations & Misc Info

A Daylily Proliferation

How to Plant a Proliferation by American Meadows

  1. Cut on either side of where it joins the scape; make sure to keep the roots intact. [So, do not cut it until it has roots.]
  2. Plant the cutting in a safe place in your garden. Some people choose to plant it in a nursery pot until it gets a little larger, and then replant it in the garden. It is a good idea to trim the foliage back so the plant can focus its energies on developing a strong root structure instead of new growth. 
  3. Water, water, water! Be sure to water well for the first couple of weeks or until it gets established in its new home.

Daylily Proliferations and how to plant explained here at a recommended supplier. Alternative advice and how to plant is at Proliferations…My Way, by Lee Pickles, Hixson, TN

From Oakes Daylily site: Dormants and Evergreens: Daylilies vary from dormant varieties (the leaves die completely to the ground in the winter) to evergreen varieties (the leaves try to grow whenever it gets warm) with various degrees of semi-evergreens in between. Gardeners from USDA zones 9 and 10, and other areas that do not have a cold period in the winter should buy only evergreen or semi-evergreen varieties. … One other note: in zones 7/8 and colder, the foliage will typically be frozen to the ground regardless of foliage type.

2017 Region 14 Results – Alabama and Mississippi

Region 14 Pop Poll Winner 2017 - 'Suburban Nancy Gale'
Suburban Nancy Gayle

2015 Region 14 Results

‘Double Blue Blood’

1. ‘Double Blue Blood’
2. ‘Suburban Nancy Gayle’
3. ‘Look Here Mary’
4. ‘Lillian’s Woman’s Touch
5. ‘South Sea Enchantment

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