On 1/13/2020 bought a somewhat rusty green two-row cultivator from a guy in Big Point MS.

On 1/22/2020 saw another one with identical parts, old and rusty, on Facebook Market Place for sale by someone in Van Cleave, MS-very near Big Point. The name tag is still on it and from the photo shows it states: Dearborn Farm Equipment by Dearborn Motors Corporation, Detroit Michigan Model 13-1(?)

Dearborn Farm Equipment was the company that Henry Ford II started after WWII when the relationship with Ferguson was dissolved. The company was a business expedient to produce and market both the 8N tractor and an array of implements, and allowed for other individuals (management employees) to hold stock in the company without the Ford family having to divest itself of any actual Ford stock and possibly lose family control of the company.

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