Massey Ferguson 210

MF210; Series No. 2746; Serial No. 3106, MF210

Based on the SN she was built in 1981.
Purchased 5/28/1982
Engine: 25 hp [18.6 kW]
Drawbar: 17 hp [12.7 kW]
PTO: 22 hp [16.4 kW]

As of July 6, 2015 – 1,875 hours

Drawbar – Part No. 3280677M1 per a seller.Piper Grandpa on MF Tractor

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Massey Ferguson 210 Specifications

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Toyosha diesel, 2-cylinder, liquid-cooled 77.1 ci [1.3 L]
Bore/Stroke:    3.62×3.74 inches [92 x 95 mm]
Power:        25 hp [18.6 kW]
Air cleaner:    paper element
Compression:    23:1
Rated RPM:    2500
Starter volts:    12
Weight (operating):    2,764 lbs [1253 kg] (2WD)

Ag front:    5.00-15 (2WD). Installed are 6.70-15, 6 ply
Ag rear:    11.2/10-24
As of 2/24/2019 pressurized:
– front to 25 psi that is 3 psi less than what the manual says but the tire on it is larger than the delivered that is 5.00-15.  Perhaps it should be at 28 psi.
– rear to 18 psi that is what the manual says

Test Date:    September 15 – 24, 1980
Type:    Diesel 12-speed 2WD
PTO power (rated engine speed):    21.96 hp [16.4 kW]
PTO fuel use (engine speed):    1.6 gal/hour [6.1 l/hour]
PTO power (rated PTO speed):    21.23 hp [15.8 kW]
PTO fuel use (PTO speed):    1.6 gal/hour [6.1 l/hour]
Drawbar power (max):    17.28 hp [12.9 kW]
Drawbar fuel use (max):    1.6 gal/hour [6.1 l/hour]
Drawbar pull (max):    2159 lbs [979 kg]
Max pull gear:    M4

Advice about stuck clutch“Clutch won’t disengage on my 1715”

“Your clutch could be stuck to the flywheel from condensation forming. This is a common problem and you can prevent this from happening if you place a block of wood between the clutch pedal arm and the underside of the step, this keeps the parts separated when not in use.
Look for a hole in the bottom of the bell housing. It should be kept clean, this prevents water from collecting inside the bell housing.”

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