2021 Preserved Food Log

Below is a log of the vegetables and fruit we preserved from the gardens, yard, and farm.

6/8/2021Whole Kernal Corn3 qt.Frozen
6/8/2021Bread & Butter Pickles Recipe 4.12 qt.Pickled
6/13/2021Whole Kernel Corn – Creamy Whole Kernel4 qt. – 2 qt.Frozen
6/13/2021Basil Pesto – Our Recipe with extra red pepper flakes5 half-pint jarsRefrigerated
6/14/2021Bread & Butter Pickles Recipe 4.26 pintsPickled
6/16/2021Whole Kernal Corn6 qt.Frozen
6/16/2021“Sun-dried” cherry tomatoes w/ EVO, thyme & oregano5 cupsDehydrated/vac packed
6/17/2021“Sun-dried” cherry tomatoes w/ pecan oil, basil & salt2 cupsDehydrated/vac packed
6/17/2021Dill pickles made with warm-water bath7 pintsPickled
6/17/2021Whole Kernal Corn10 qt.Frozen
<6/17/2021Yellow squash – Zucchini9 qt. – 5 qt.Frozen
6/18/2021Yellow Squash – Zucchini1 qt. – 3 qt.Frozen
6/22/2021Whole tomatoes, quartered5 qt.Canned
6/24/2021Yellow Squash – Zucchini3 qt. – 2 qt.Frozen
6/24/2021Whole Kernal Corn8 qt.Frozen
6/24/2021Whole tomatoes, quartered4 qt.Canned
7/2/2021MS Crowder Peas – Mix Silver & Purple3 qt.Frozen
7/2/2021PEPH Top Pick5 qt.Frozen
7/7/2021MS Purple Crowder2 qt.Frozen
7/7/2021MS Silver Crowder2 qt.Frozen
7/8/2021PEPH Top Pick4 qt.Frozen
7/10/2021MS Silver Crowder3 qt.Frozen
7/24/2021Okra. Large pods cut into pieces and small ones left whole to be used individually as needed.2 qt.Frozen
8/3/2021Pickled Okra3 pt.Pickled
8/10/2021Pickled Okra4 pt.Pickled
8/22/2021Fermented Okra ½ gal & 2 qts.Fermented
9/9/2021Pickled Okra3 pt.Pickled


  1. Corn – 33 qt.
  2. Yellow Squash – 13 qt.
  3. Zucchini – 10 qt.
  4. Tomatoes Canned – 9 qt. Gave away 2 qts.
  5. Bread & Butter Pickles – 8 pt.
  6. Dill pickles – 7 pints
  7. Basil Pesto – 5 half-pints
  8. Peas – PEPH Top Pick – 9 qt.
  9. Peas – MS Crowder, 2 types – 10 qt.
  10. Okra Frozen – 2 qt.
  11. Okra Pickled – 10 pints
  12. Okra Fermented – ½ gallon & 2 qts.


  • Visitors – All the vegetables preserved were grown in our garden and put up the same or next day after they were picked. These notes do not provide all the steps we took to prepare the veggies for preservation.
  • The squash and zucchini were cut into 3/4″ thick coins, both sides dried with paper towels, and vac-packed in quart bags.
  • The whole kernel corn was placed into quart zip locks, air squeezed out by hand and frozen.
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