Fertilizing Crape Myrtles

From the March 2020 Newsletter of The Crape Myrtle Company.

Begin this year’s fertilization regimen when:

  • Your plants are in their second active growing season. 
  • You do not expect any more late hard freezes.  A light freeze will not damage your plant’s new leaves, but a long hard freeze will.
  • when the first leaves start to appear.  Established, well rooted, Crape Myrtles are heavy feeders.  
  • Lightly fertilize every two weeks throughout the spring and summer months.

Crape Myrtles are heavy feeders.  We recommend fertilizing 1-2 times a month with a product containing trace minerals. We suggest a product like 10-10-10 available in 50lb bags.  Just make sure it contains trace minerals.

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