Invasive Species in Alabama

Sicklepod, Sicklepod Senna, Java Bean, Blunt-leaf Senna, Chinese Senna, Arsenic Weed – Senna obtusifolia

It is often confused with coffee senna; however, sicklepodâ’s leaves are rounded whereas coffee sennaâ’s leaves are pointed.


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Cultural Control

Cutting down is a semi productive way to reduce the size of an older plant or kill a fair percentage of the plant. It must be done by a blunt blade prior to the seeds being set. The ideal time to cut down Sicklepod is when the plant starts to flower. If rotary hoeing or disking is your preferred method of control, then do so. However, immediately after you should plant a competitive crop or grass. This control method will only work if the grass is well managed.

Chemical Control

Sicklepod in its seeding stage in non-crop areas it not very difficult to control. However, it becomes much more challenging to manage when it gets older, requiring much higher application herbicides. Herbicides with an active ingredient of 2,4-D works well with eradicating Sicklepods in pastures.

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