Ford 5600

Ford ID Plate

SN C496351 – Built in 1976
Engine: 3.8L; 233 cu. in.
Manufacturer rated 60 HP.
Fuel – 20 gal.
Oil – 9 qts.
Cooling – 13 qts.
Front Tire: 7.50-16, 6 ply
Rear: 16.9-30, 6 ply, R1

Battery – 4DLT bought 7/3/2017 for $148.97 + tax at:
Dueitt’s Battery Supply, 3225 Springhill Ave. 251-478-1638
Manual says: 8″ wide x 19″ long x 6″ high plus caps, 128 Amp

Oil – Ford 300 oil, M2C121A, 9 qts. or  “Low Ash SAE 30 (CD)”

Weight: 5905 lbs [2678 kg] (open station)– 7310 lbs [3315 kg] (cab)
Weight (shipping): 5475 lbs [2483 kg]
Wheelbase: 87.5 inches [222 cm]
Length: 141.6 inches [359 cm]
Width: 72.2 inches [183 cm] *
Height (hood): 60.9 inches [154 cm]
Height (exhaust): 108.6 inches [275 cm]
Clearance (front axle): 18 inches [45 cm]
Front tread: 52.5 to 80.5 inches [133 to 204 cm]
Rear tread: 52 to 80 inches [132 to 203 cm]
66 to 90 inches* [167 to 228 cm] ((Power-adjust wheels.))

If fuel with sulfur content below 1% then diesel engine oil with an API Classification of CC may be used instead of CD oil but the oil/filter change interval must be reduced to 150 hours. If sulfur content is between 1% and 1.3% then a CD oil must be used and changed every 150 hours.

What Oils to use? The following question was asked in 2011 at the TractorBynet Forum. Hello all Ford owners. Can someone advise me what kind of oil I need for my Ford 5600 from 1976? Oil for the hydraulic / gearbox? Engine? Power steering? The most direct answer by a Ford Tractor owner was: “15w40 or 5w40 syn in the engine.. and a utf meeting m2c134d in everything else including PS”


  • The tractor has two separate reservoirs – the transmission and rear differential/hydraulic section. Your hydraulic pump draws the fluid from the rear differential section.
  • The engine does not have to be running to check fluid levels.
  • The fluid to use is Universal Tractor Fluid (UTF) that meets Ford specification 134D. You can find this fluid at Tractor Supply Stores, auto parts stores, Wal-Mart, etc.
  • Your transmission may have a dipstick to check fluid level. If not, there is a square-headed pipe plug on the right side of the tranny. This square-headed pipe plug should be just above your right toe as you are seated on your tractor. The transmission filler cap is normally somewhere near the shift levers.
  • The rear differential/hydraulic fluid level check plug is a square-headed pipe plug. This square-headed pipe plug is just above and behind your right heel as you are seated on your tractor. It is difficult to see – hunker down to see it. DO NOT take the slotted head screw near the check plug out. The filler cap for the rear differential is on top of the rear center housing just behind the seat.

To Buy

Maintenance Log

July 2017
  • Prior to July 2015: Gordon changed the oil, oil filter WIX 51452, and hydraulic filter. I cleaned out congealed tar-like diesel from the tank and lines and replace the tank drain valve. Replace fuel filter and cleaned.
  • July 4, 2015 – Gordon found that the injector pump is not working. Had it rebuilt at Test Calibration.
  • July 25, 2015 – Gordon reinstalled the pump and SHE RUNS.
  • July 3, 2017 – Bought 3rd battery – 4DLT for 148.97 + tax at Dueitt’s Battery Supply, 3225 Springhill Ave. 251-478-1638
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