Bush Hog Finish Mower

Bought 6/4/2020 from Buddy at TOOMEY EQUIPMENT CO., INC. 5788 HWY 90 WEST, THEODORE AL 36582-1641 Phone: 251-653-1900

Wheel Weights – https://www.steinertractor.com/MHS037-Front-Wheel-Weight

Lubrication From Manual Section 5-1

  • Blade spindles (Figure 5-4) must be greased with 5 shots of grease every 10 hrs. Access lubrication fittings through holes in top of the shielding above the Spindle Assembly.
  • Occasionally grease the spindle until a small amount of grease purges from the relief hole (Figure 5-5), located at the base of the spindle housing under the sheave. The shielding will need to be removed in order to see the relief hole. Clean off any excess grease.
  • The Belt Tension Idler Arm should be greased each time the blade spindles are greased with 3 shots of grease.

Service Record not including greasing

  1. 5/13/2021 – Replaced gear box oil.
  2. 4/22/2023 – Checked Gear Box oil and ok

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