2021 Fall Garden Observations


  • Temperatures
    • Mid August’s high was in the low 90s and dry. Temps fell to high 80s about 8/25/21.
    • September ‘s high was 91 but only for a day. Most days were in the high 80 and low 70’s at sunrise.
    • End of September, soil temps still in the low 90’s at 3 pm in the sun.
  • Rain
    • August – 13″. Hard, extended downpours.
    • September 7.35″. The heaviest rain was up to 4.32 inches per hour and in 25 minutes dropped 1.5 inches.

Insects & Diseases

  • August 3rd week – Flea Beetles hit the squash, bean, and pea seedlings. Sprayed with malathion and spinosad.
  • Found aphids in a few places but not widespread.


  1. Rocdor is coming up 8/15 after sowing on 8/11; 4 days!
  2. Flea Beetles hit them about 8/21.
  3. 10/10/2021 –


  • Bought 6 Bonnies plants and planted at same time as sowed first seeds.
  • 10/1/2021 – Seeds came up well and Bonnies growing well.


  • 8/11/2021 – Some corn has come up 6 days after sowing.
  • Hard rains and wind in late August thru Sep may be why it was stunted.
  • has a mineral deficinency that Epsom salts sprayed on seemed to help but did not fix it.
  • 10/10/2021 – Gave up and disced them under to sow mustard seeds as ground cover to also kill RNKs. Johnny Sessions said his also failed and he believes it was due to the heavy rains as last year his fall corn did well.

Multiplying Onions

  • First planting – Late August sowed about 18 ft. Small bulbs planted 3″ apart with dbl row hole spacer came up well. By the last week of Sep Mary is starting to pull some.
  • 10/7/2021 – Planted 15 feet of a dbl row with 1 lb of onion sets


Savannah sowed likely while soil still too hot in mid-afternoon as in the low 90s.


  1. MS Purple Crowder
    1. peas sowed for a cover crop to mitigate RKNs came up well 8-9 days after sowing.
    2. Flea Beetles hit them about 8/21.
    3. By 9/30/21 we have small pea pods.
  2. Oregon Giant Dwarf Snow Pea
    1. Sowed in Mary’s Garden
    2. Mole ate most of 1st sowing but not second.


  1. 8/11/2021 – Most of the Betternut and Primavera Spaghetti Squash have come up 6 days after sowing.
  2. Flea Beetles hit them about 8/21.


  • 8/21/2021 – Celebrity is blooming. Began thumping the stakes to aid pollination. Do not see any bees.
  • 10/5/2021 – Still blooming and have a few small green tomatoes.

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