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  • Dendrobium
  • Cattleyas

3/25/2021 – Ordered the five orchids below from Pelican Coast Farms via Up to now most of our orchids were bought locally and usually did not have an identification.

Aerides odorata

Aerides odorata

Aerides odorata division is a vine growing Vanda That blooms in April to June and is very fragrant. These plants are about 12 inches and can grow to a very large size. Pieces can be cut off whenever there are enough roots on both pieces to create new plants. These divisions flowered at this size last May. Aerides odorata is native to China, the Himalayas, Bhutan, India, Assam and Nepal. The name “Aerides” means child of the air and, of course, “odorata” means fragrant. 1 ea $22

Den. lindleyi, aka Den. aggregatum

Den. aggregatum 2\" pot

An all time favorite of the hanging Dendrobium (den-DRO-bee-umvarieties. These bloom in April to May. They do not require any special care. The current recognized name is Den. lindleyi (LIN-lee-i) but most people still use the old name Den. aggregatum (AG-ree-gatum). They are found in the mountains of southern China and Southeast Asia. Wikipedia. 1 ea. for $12.50.

Rlc. Madame Edith Bongo

Rlc. Madame Edith Bongo

Large 5-6 inch flowers – clear white with a colorful lip. 1 ea. for $22.00

Rlc. Memoria Crispin Rosales

Rhyncholaeliocattleya (rhyn-cho-cephali-a-KAT-lee-ya) Memoria Crispin Rosales is an orchid hybrid originated by Bracey in 1959. Large 5-inch dark red flowers, that are very fragrant.

Rlc. Memoria Crispin Rosales

C. Walkeriana var alba

A white form of walkeriana greatly prized for its ability to make great hybrids. Walkeriana makes its offspring smaller plants while leaving the flowers large. Species from Brazil. 2½ inch pot, $12.50.

  • Cattleya Named in honor of William Cattley, English horticulturist in the 19th century. Pronounced KAT-lee-ya
  • walkeriana Named for Edward Walker, Gardner’s assistant, who found the plant. Pronounced wal-ker-ee-AH-na
  • alba From Latin “albus” white. Pronounce AL-ba
C. walkeriana var alba 2 1/2inch pot
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