Spring 1991
Ray Davis, spring 1991

This site is about Tom and Mary Davis’ country homestead and farm near Mobile Alabama. It is also a tribute to Tom’s father Artis Ray Davis, who began farming and improving the land in 1961.

This website is managed by Tom and the posts are intended to be a journal of progress and events in the yard, garden, and fields. It also serves as a library of info useful in the management and maintenance of this special piece of God’s paradise. It is not a commercial site with any purpose but to serve as a journal of events and a repository for things we want to access via the convenience of a website.

Mary Davis gathering wildflower seeds

“To grow things is a sacrament. It is to labor in co-creation with the Almighty.
It is not so much to make use of land, but to be well-used by it.”  Neill Archer Roan

All things we undertake must contain integrity, compassion, elegance, and grace.

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