Planting Target Dates

The dates below are based on our past two year’s experience, info related to germination, and new info for transplants from the new greenhouse.

From a Johnny’s Seeds SpreadSheet with Last Frost Date set to March 15:

CROPWeeks to Start Seeds before setting out dateWhen to start inside Safe time to set out plants after Last FrostSetting-out date 
Basil68-Feb 1 week after22-Mar 
Lettuce4 to 511-Jan25-Jan3 to 4 weeks before15-Feb22-Feb
Onions8 to 107-Dec21-Dec4 weeks before15-Feb 
Parsley9 to 1014-Dec28-Dec2 to 3 weeks before22-Feb1-Mar
Peppers81-Feb 2 weeks after29-Mar 
Spinach4 to 621-Dec25-Jan3 to 6 weeks before1-Feb22-Feb
Tomatoes6 to 825-Jan15-Feb1 to 2 weeks after22-Mar29-Mar
Marigold6 to 825-Jan8-Feb1 week after22-Mar 
Zinnia422-Feb 1 week after22-Mar 

Direct Sowing Target Dates

CropSow TargetDays to Harvest
Corn, G90Mar 2180
Cantaloupe *Mar 2165-90
CucumberMar 2165
Okra * Apr 2150-60
Peas * * May 150-80
Peas, Edible pod ***Feb 755-70
Squash *Mar 2150-65
Zuchinni * Mar 21
  • * Soil Temp:  70º F – 95º F (90º F)
  • ** Southern peas prefer warm to hot weather, with air temperatures between 70° and 95°F–most days exceeding 85°F.”
  • *** Soil Temp:  40º F – 85º F (75º F)

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