Blooming Marigold Notes

This page cites marigolds that grew well and bloomed well for us.

Spring 2020

French Marigold, Lemon Drop, (Tagetes patula)
French Marigold, Naughty Marietta, (Tagetes patula)
French Marigold, Spanish Brocade, (Tagetes patula)
CrackerJack Mix

Fall 2020

  • Queen Sophia – Mary did not like these although they bloomed ok and more in the fall than spring or summer. Blooms were 1-1.5″ rather than the 2-2.5″ advertised by Johnny’s.
  • French Marigold, Lemon Drop – (Tagetes patula) 55 days. Bloomed great all summer. Powerfully scented 10-20 in. tall plants with lots of 1 in. bright yellow blooms. Petals and leaves are edible, leaves taste very similar to Peruvian huacatay and can be used as a substitute for parsley. 
  • Marigold Durango Tangerine
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