Plow – 2 bottom

Obtained from Ed Turner on 11/2/2018 when he delivered it and hauled away, for his friend Milton, the SS sprayer and frame. The shares appear to be 16″ apart. But, a 16″ model was not cited in any web site.

Based on very similar plows it is a DEARBORN 2-12 or a 1950 DEARBORN 10-152.

The Dearborn Moldboard (Prior Model) Plow came in three major Model numbers -Model 10-10 was a 10″ two-bottom plow, Model 10-8 was a 12″ two-bottom plow, Model 10-1 was a 14″ two-bottom plow. From here.

See the Forum post with a lot of advice on setup here.

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