Transplanting Advice

This page contains advice gleaned from various sources that are cited. The intent is to compile a set of reminders for our use.

The advice below was found in Chapters 9, 10, and 33 of Pam Dawling’s book Sustainable Market Farming.

  1. The process:
    1. Best time to transplant is on a mild, windless, late afternoon.
    2. Water the unplanted row an hour before planting and within 20 minutes after planting the seedling. A “transplant tea” made with fish emulsion immediately after planting can help feed the plant while the root hairs are healing from the handling during planting.
    3. Mark the rows and maintain equal spacing to make it easier to cultivate.
    4. Use a drip tube to mark the spacing and water the soil. Then plant the seedlings at the drips in the damp soil.
    5. Planting depth is to the first true leaves.
    6. Water the next day, then the third, seventh and tenth days.
  2. Miscellaneous:
    1. Brassicas; Brocolli and cabbage. Pg. 222.
      1. Transplant brassicas at four true leaves (3-4 weeks after sowing).
      2. Transplant at a younger age in hot weather because larger plants can wilt due to more leaves lead to a higher rate of transpiration.
      3. If an older plant is transplanted then remove a few of the older lower leaves.

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