Spring 2019 Production Evaluation

G90 Corn490360 
Total G90  396Had 75% production minus 25% bug damage. Gave away some. If bugs had been controled we would have had a lot. In the end, it worked out ok.
Silver King Corn536180Had 85% production minus 20% bug damage. Not as good as the G90.
TOTAL CORN  5762020 – Plant G90 only at three different times spaced out.
PEPH Peas – Top Pick635210
Total PEPH Peas  1058OK production but too much plant due to full appl of the rec of nitrogen. We had enough for the freezer and table.  2020 – Plant 25% less row 30 days apart
Nemagreen Lima Beans Bush346138This amount would have been plenty if we could stand to gather them while standing on our heads. Not Again.
Cajun Jewel Okra14040Had plenty but not so much we threw some away. Gave away a little. 2020 – Repeat same.
Kentucky Wonder Bush Beans23366Short production time meant we needed 2x to 3x as much to have plenty to freeze given Mary will cook some 2-3 times a week.
 No. Hills or Plants   
Early Prolific Straightneck Summer Squash –Yellow8  Had less than 50% production and could have used 25% more. Plant a second patch 30 days later.
Cocozelle Italian Summer Squash (Zuchinni)6  Had less than 25% production and could have used 25% more. 2020 – Try diff variety and plant second hills 30 days later.
Poinsett 76 Cucumber 8  Great Production. Had too many at times. 2020 – Repeat with only 6 hills.
Tomatoes21  Had less than 25% production with bug damage. Barely enough. Could have used 25% more fruit. 2020 – Plant disease-resistant varieties of Determinate to preserve and Indeterminate for the table. 12 plants each.
Jalapenos4  Too much
Serranos3  Too much
Carolina Wonder Sweet Bell Peppers4  Had less than 25% production and could have used 50% more
Banana Peppers3  Plenty
Hales Best 45 Cantaloupes6  Too many hills. Three would have been enough.
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