Paint Sprayer Airless

Titan ControlMax 1700 High Efficiency Airless.
SN 12052/2018
Model 0580264
Max Pressure 1500 psi
Max tip – .017
0.60 horsepower pump
0.33 gallons per minute
2-year limited warranty
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Purchased July 24, 2018 to paint the Pine Arbor Garage. Used the 515 tip with Behr interior primer/paint. Also purchased the 311 tip.

Titan Tool
1770 Fernbrook Lane
Plymouth, MN 55447

From The Idaho Painter
Recommended Tip Sizes
Trim 310 – 6″ width and very fine spray – interior trim
First number is 1/2 of fan width 12″ from the surface. Second is orifice.
Exp.  108 – 2″ fan and .008 orifice for a very fine spray









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Airless Sprayer Tip Sizing Guide

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