Gator Oils


The following John Deere oils are preferred:

  • · PLUS-50®
  • · PLUS-4®

Other oils may be used if above John Deere oils are not available, provided they meet the following specification: API Service Classification SG or higher

Transaxle Oil

The following John Deere transmission and hydraulic oil is preferred:


From The Gator Forum here:
5 qts of TY6354
add 6 oz of LVU11573
transmission drain plug o-ring: CH10570

Other oils may be used if recommended John Deere oil is not available, provided they meet one of the following specifications:

· John Deere Standard JDM J20C

IMPORTANT: Avoid damage! DO NOT use engine oil, “Type F” (Red) Automatic Transmission Fluid, or BIO-HY-GARD®. DO NOT mix any other oils in this transmission.
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