Observations – Spring 2019 Garden

General Notes

  1. The raised rows/beds were made too high and narrow. In addition, the first planting was made on top of the high row as I forgot to run a furrow down the center and plant down in that 2-3″ furrow. But, they would have still been too high–especially for corn as seen in the later plantings. Later plantings were in a furrow in the top of the hill but that was still too high for corn as it was not possible to pull the dirt up around them with the hiller to stabilize them from the wind.
  2. Corn next time should be planted in a shallow furrow on level ground. Then, soil pulled in to weed as it grows then laid-by for the last plowing.
  3. Believe the Extension Services when they say the rows need to be 6-feet for something like cucumbers and squash.

Kentucky Wonder Bush Beans produced fruit over only a 3-4 week period then they were done. From the first two 25′ rows we picked about four meals worth. Mary loves them.

Silver King Corn 18″ high blew over to maybe only 30-degrees off the ground due to only 12 MPH gusts. Stood them up and they survived. Four days later another storm blew them to 45 -degrees in a different direction and they stood back up on their own.

Peas – The windy storms that blew over the corn also blew the peas into filling the rows. Could be being on the high hill contributed to their appearing to be easily toppled into the row.

Squash is planted too close (hills __ inches apart) and should have been thinned to one plant per hill. Zucchini is not producing as well as it should likely due to being crowded.

Cucumbers are very prolific. Harvests a bucket full every other day. We have plenty for Frank to sell, making pickles and eating fresh.

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