Sprayed Stink Bugs On The Tomatoes

5/29/2024 – A few stink bugs appeared on the tomatoes yesterday and today there were more. Sprayed them with Gordon’s Bug-No-More at 5 oz./gallon. Sprayed 1.5 gallons on the 75 feet of row. That product is no longer made. The active ingredient was zeta-permethrin. Ordered Bug Buster from HOSS to replace it.

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Sprayed Peppers with Liquid Copper Fungicide for leaf spot

5/25/2024 – Peppers have a little bacterial leaf spot. Sprayed with 3 tsp/gal of Liquid Copper Fungicide. Had an hour before sprayed them with Epsom Salts at 1 tbsp/gal. Followed advice here – See extract below. Copper fungicides work to kill pathogen cells by denaturing enzymes and other critical proteins. However, copper can also […]

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