Fertilized Old Garden

IFAS guidance for new plantings is 30 lbs nitrogen per acre (0.68 lbs/1000 sf) when emerging then repeat once growing. The field is 46,000 SF so we need to spread 32 lbs nitrogen. 15-0-15 provides 15 lbs of N per 100 lbs. So 4 sacks (200 lbs) will provide 30 lbs of N. 200 lbs […]

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Planted Yard Garden

3/19/2020 – Mary and Piper planted Bonnies 3″ pots of: Sweet Basil, Thai Basil, and Cilantro plants. They also sowed: lettuce Swiss Chard seeds: Bright Yellow Decorticated and Burpees Rhubard Chard left from last year. Thai basil seeds next to the Bonnies Thai basil plant. The new plants and the existing onions are shown in […]

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Limed Pond Field

Planning 3/19/2020 – Used the pH meter to take readings at the N-S-E-W quadrant points and along the ordinal lines; i.e. NW, NE, SW, and SE. Also, halfway between those points (ESE to SSW) in the south half where the readings were in the low 5’s. Generally, readings were taken at about 10′, 20′, and […]

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