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Invasive Species

Appearance – Fatoua villosa is an annual that can grow to 2.6 ft. (0.8 m) tall. Stems are branched, erect and have hooked hairs.Foliage – Leaves are alternate, stipulate (deciduous), petiolate, 1-3.9 in. (2.5-10 cm) long, 0.4-2.8 in. (1-7 cm) wide with toothed (pointed or rounded) margins.

Flowers – Flowering occurs in the summer and fall. Flowers are light green, unisexual, apetalous and occur in axillary cymes.

Fruit – Fruit is a one-seeded achene that is less than 0.1 in. (0.8 mm) long.

Ecological Threat – Fatoua villosa is native to East Asia and occurs in wetlands and other moist, shaded areas. It is problematic in greenhouses and nurseries. The first known population in the United States was in Louisiana in 1964.

Nancy Loewenstein, Auburn University,
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