Spunky1’s Daylily Seed Advice

Fred Manning’s web site is http://www.daylilyplace.net/.

Below are links to posts that will help us where Fred Manning of Lillian Alabama talked about what he does.

  1. Harvesting seeds I live on the Gulf Coast, as soon as they harvested I take them out of the pod, roll them around on a bath towel, and immediately put them in a plastic 5 x 5 zip lock bag and into the frig. No waiting time.
  2. Lining out seedling – there are images of his beds
  3. October Is Work Month – there are images of his beds
    1. During the winter everything gets a liquid fertilizer at least every two weeks, I can do this because we normally have very few freezing temps over the winter. Also those boxes and the beds have slow release and chicken litter tilled in before planting, and is also applied to the top after planting. Here the preparation before planting is more important than what’s done after planting, I don’t want them to slow down.
    2. What is the soil mix in your raised beds/boxes? When the boxes are filled with bark for the first time I add 10% sand or about 3/4″, the box is 9.50″ deep. I add lime, alfalfa pellets, chicken litter (3-2-3) and slow release (16-4-8). I have done this so long I measure nothing. I till to mix everything and start planting. After planting I top dress with everything I tilled in the box except I do not add any more lime.
  4. After wrestling daylilies out of the ground, try squirting the roots all over with a strong spray of water to make dividing easier.
  5. I had said a while back I would do a post on beds that help produce rapid growth after planting your seedlings or any daylily.”
    1. about 2-3 inches of pine bark (dime size) to every bed
    2. the most important thing sitting is the LIME as you want your ph at 6-6.5
    3. Chicken Litter 4-2-2, I buy it by the ton to get it at a cheaper price, you can use milorigate if the litter is not available.
    4. 13-6-6 slow-release, or something close.
    5. Summary – All of these items are applied to a 60-foot x 54-inch bed as follows. Lime, one 40 lb bag, Alaffa 20 lbs, Chicken Litter one 40 lb bag, 13-6-6 ten lbs. A little more or less will not hurt anything, there is nothing here that will burn the plants.

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