Gator Servicing

All below from the online JD Manual here.


  • Check Engine Oil Level
  • Clean Rubber Dust Unloading Valve
  • Clean Engine Fins (4×2)
  • Service Air Cleaner Element
  • Clean Engine Cooling Screens at passenger seat
  • Check Air Intake behind passenger seat
  • Check Spark Plug – Gap to be 0.025″ or 0.63 mm
  • Check Fuel Filter
  • Check Spark Arrestor


  • Checking Transaxle Oil Level
    • IMPORTANT: Hot hydraulic oil will expand and show incorrect oil level. Check oil level when oil is cold by screwing dipstick fully into transaxle case, then unscrewing and checking oil level.
  • Check Drive Belt – width on top surface should be a minimum of 27 mm (1.1 in.).
  • Clean Primary Drive Clutch
  • Check Secondary Driven Clutch Buttons

Servicing the 4×2 Gator×2-gator.4916/

When checking the oil level rest dip-stick threads on tube’s threads.

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