A Cowboy Christmas Prayer

A Cowboy Christmas Prayer by S. Omar Barker.

Let kindness bless the trail we ride, no matter what we’re after,
And sorta keep us on Your side, in tears as well as laughter.
I’ve seen old cows a-starvin‘, and it ain’t no pretty sight:
Please don’t leave no one hungry, Lord, On Thy good Christmas night—
No man, no child, no woman, and no critter on four feet–
I’ll aim to do my best to help You find ’em chuck to eat.
I’m just a sinful cowpoke, Lord,–ain’t got no business prayin’–
But still I hope You’ll ketch a word or two of what I’m a-sayin‘:
We speak of Merry Christmas, Lord–I reckon You’ll agree
There ain’t no Merry Christmas for nobody that ain’t free.
So one thing more I’ll ask You, Lord: just help us what You can
To save some seeds of freedom for the future sons of man!

Prayer published by https://www.beefmagazine.com/ on 12/24/2018.

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