See http://www.aces.edu/pubs/docs/A/ANR-2168/ANR-2168.pdf

Kudzu in Alabama History, Uses, and Control –  Good citations of treatment products in wooded areas. See extract below.

It is important to follow initial treatments with spot applications for as long as new sprouts continue to appear. If follow-up treatments are not exercised, kudzu’s quick growth may allow it to reclaim the area within a short time.

  • The most cost-effective treatment for kudzu on open level ground is either Tordon 101 or Tordon K applied using perpendicular spray passes. Retreatment after a successful initial treatment should be applied two full years after the first.
  • Veteran 720 is a safe herbicide to use near streams, ditches, or gulleys and can provide excellent control with two broadcast treatments in successive years.
  • Spike herbicide shows considerable promise for eradication as a single treatment on noncropland sites. The long persistence of Spike can provide control of kudzu for at least three years.
  • Glyphosate sold under several different trade names is the safe herbicide of choice for kudzu problems in residential, home grounds, and other similar environmentally sensitive sites.
  • For controlling kudzu draped in trees, use a 4-percent solution of Garlon 4 in diesel me1 on vine that is 1 inch in diameter and smaller. Treatment can be made in late winter and early spring before new growth appears.
  • Tordon at lower rates can also be used for treating kudzu infestations under large pines in forested areas. Spraying trees draped with kudzu should not be performed unless some tree mortality can be tolerated, Kudzu is a weed that can be controlled.

Cost of herbicides and time are the factors limiting successful control. If the desire is there to control kudzu, the battle can be won. Don’t give up too quickly.

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