Wet & Forget

2023 – Began using Wet & Forget on the concrete unit pavers, greenhouse, and other places with mold. Their website says using the Concentrate in their hose end will produce cleaning issues. The analysis below indicates the issue will be it will not clean as well as the amount of active ingredient applied is less.

Based on the replacement bottle for the hose end covering 2,000 SF and the coverage they project for the concentrate the following data was developed.

The Hose end container covers 2000 SF and holds 48 oz. = 24 oz/1000
Amazon Cost $27

The Concentrate is to be mixed at 5:1. Amazon cost about $32/gal
1-gallon (128 oz.) makes 6-gallons and can cover 750–2,250 sq. ft. So, for 2000 SF coverage would be 128 oz or 64 oz/1000.

That shows that the concentration in the replacement hose end bottles has a lot more active ingredient than what is in the Concentrate. Using the Concentrate in the hose end applies less active ingredient and hence less likely to damage something as well as less likely to work as quickly.

Given the cost differential is negligible, buy the replacement for the hose end when the problems are great like our patios and the Concentrate to mix in sprayers or the hose end when the need is not acute.

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