TD Nicholas blew in from Texas, Leaving 5″ of Rain


9/14, 15, & 16/2021 – TD Nicholas, previously Hurricane Nicholas when it made landfall southwest of Houston, traveled south of Houston as a TS then across Louisiana and Mississippi reaching us as a TD. On 9/14/21 we got only 0.21″ and then beginning at 5 AM, 9/15/2021, it drizzled or rained all day. The heaviest rain was up to 4.32 inches per hour and at about noon in 25 minutes had dropped 1.5″.

The pond again filled up to the blueberry bushes but went back into its banks by 7 PM

Early on 9/16, remanents of Nicholas dropped an additional 0.45 inches of rain to bring the total to 5.07.

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