Garden Seeder Chapin Mfg.

Lessons Learned with the Seeder – 4/9/2019

In order to plant the small pepper seeds at 18″ apart, I taped over seed pockets in seed plate No. 6. I used cellophane tape and the pocket knife to trim the tape to match the circular plate. To determine the number of pockets to take I rolled the seeder with the plate installed along a tape measure counting the pockets as they rolled by.

I found out that when the plate had turned one full revolution the seeder has moved 36″ forward. So, count the number of seed pickups on a plate and divide that into 36 to get the seed spacing.

The negative issue was that the plate is set just above the bottom of the red seed well and hence small quantities of small seeds are not picked up consistently. As I pushed it down the row I tipped it quickly toward the seed plate so seeds would move over to be picked up. Will wait and see how that works out.

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