Ordered 3 Bundles of Short-Day Onion Plants


9/15/2021 – Ordered from HOSS Tools. The below paragraphs are from their web page.

Red Creole, Plethora, and Savannah Sweet are all short-day onion varieties. Each bundle contains 50 plants.

Red Creole Onion is an heirloom, open-pollinated variety that produces bright red, flat onions. This is a short-day onion that performs well in southern climates. Red Creole has a great onion flavor and crisp texture that’s perfect for cooking or eating raw in salads. Once harvested and cured, these onions will store for 2-3 months.

Plethora Onion is a short-day, yellow onion that performs well in the southern states. This sweet onion variety produces yellow, granex-style onions that are slightly flattened. Plethora onions are huge! This variety produces jumbo, colossal onions that are easily larger than a softball. These perform best when planted in the fall and overwintered. If your winter temps are rarely below 20 degrees, this is the preferred growing method.

Savannah Sweet Onion is a hybrid, short-day variety with a granex or flattened bulb shape. This Vidalia-type onion is early-maturing and should be planted in November through December in warmer climates. This is a widely adapted variety that performs well in all regions in which short-day onions may be grown. It produces large to jumbo onions that are firm and golden yellow.

Plant Short-day varieties in fall and over-winter for a spring harvest. Short-day onion varieties start the bulbing process when day length reaches 10-12 hours.

* NOTE * We will begin shipping orders for onion plants in early November.

Onion Planting Information:

When to Plant: early spring and fall

Plant Spacing: 4″

Disease Resistance:

Red Creole & Savannah Sweet – Pink Root Rot

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