2.85″ Rain in 3 hours. 4.87″ in 3 days.


4/10/2021 – Rain ahead of a cold front began at 3:25 AM and by 6:55 AM 3″ had fallen. By 10 AM the total was 3.37″ and had stopped—other than an occasional sprinkle.

In the first 20 minutes the temperature dropped 11° and we had 24 MPH winds.

Given the rain over the past two days and this morning, we have gotten 4.87″. The pond level rose up to be under the deck, to the east of the Nutall Oak Tree, and into Peg & Frank’s raised yard beyond our rail fence.

Water flowing in the little ditch from the little pond crested the ditch, flowed into the barn yard, and into the pond that was up around the new blueberry bushes and magnolia tree.

For a while we could have fished off the deck.
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