pH At the Magnolia Frescati

Plants/Trees Yard


This is a follow-up check and treatment of the first check/treatment on August 3. The Frescati is still struggling and has some small leaves, although more than in the spring, but still sparse. pH readings with the Kell meter about 8 feet from the outside of the multi-trunk were:

  • North – 5.0
  • NE – 5.2
  • East – 6.0
  • South – 6.0 2 feet from the trunks and 1 foot from the paver walkway
  • West 5.2
  • NW – 5.4

The readings 5 weeks ago were in the range of 4.8 to 5.1. Therefore, the above readings indicate the pelletized lime spread then has brought the pH up a little. Since then we have received a lot of regular rain in August plus the 13 inches from Hurricane Ida plus 5 inches from TD Nicholas.


Based on the 9/10/21 readings that show an improvement, we continued with the plan of August 3 and today spread another 40 lb. bag of pelletized lime on the grassed areas 5-10 feet beyond the drip line and the edges of the beds.

In 4-5 weeks check the pH and consider spreading the final 40 lbs. this year.

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