Sprayed Glyphosate on FL Betony in Crape Bed along the Road


2/7/2020 – Sprayed 41% Glyphosate at 6 oz/gallon on the Florida Betony in Crape Bed along the road fence. This is a test to see if the high strength Gly will kill it per the advice in various places.

Observation – The higher strength solution did kill it.

 Controlling Florida Betony in the Landscape by the University of Georgia. The following paragraph is from there.

Products containing the active ingredient glyphosate (i.e., Roundup®, numerous other brand names), can be used to control this plant if applied as a post-directed application (spray or applied directly to Florida betony plants without contacting desirable plants). Also consider using glyphosate if you are going to establish a new ornamental planting in an area containing Florida betony. A 5% v/v spray solution of glyphosate (use a glyphosate product that is 41 percent or greater when making the 5 percent v/v spray solution—5 percent v/v = 6.4 fl. ozs. [0.8 cups] of 41 percent glyphosate in 1.0 gallon of water—should be applied 1 week prior to cultivating the area. This will help reduce much of the Florida betony population, but be aware that repeat applications to eliminate survivors will be necessary.

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