Spread Fertilizer with Extinguish for Ants


10/1/2020 – Using the April 22, 2019 application as a guide, but wanting to not fertilize as heavy this late in the fall, we decided to spread 100 lbs. of 15-0-15 (2/3rds of that application) while putting in 2 lbs of Extinguish. Therefore, mix 1 lb. of Extinguish in each 50 lb sack of fertilizer and spread it on approximately 1 acre.

Spread the mix with the JD Spreader set at 2.0 and drove faster than specified over the following areas.

  • Front Yard
  • Back Yard
  • Magnolia Frescati yard
  • East side yard back to the wide gate to the orchard
  • once around the grain bin
  • between the old oak and the pecan tree and around the south side of the pecan
  • along the drive from the pecan tree to the deck
  • between the tack shed and the fence/gate

Was careful to make sure the mix was thrown into the flower beds to kill the ants that Mary has been fighting.

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