Hurricane Ida Dumped 13″ of Rain


8/29 to 8/30/2021 – Hurricane Ida made landfall in southeast Louisiana, west of New Orleans as a Category 4 storm doing tremendous damage by way of the 150 MPH wind and heavy rain. As it moved north the rain bands moved into Alabama and east Mississippi. The largest one came across us and traveled north and east so we were rained on along a track diagonally from its eastern edge to its western edge.

For about an hour the rate was 4-inches plus per hour and totaled 9.04 inches by 1 PM. Given the 2+ inches yesterday afternoon as Ida’s eye was approaching Louisiana, so far we have received a total of 11.3 inches

Needless to say the pond was at its highest level ever and almost got up to the north end of the driveway. The water line on the Gator’s and JD Mower’s tires, parked in the stall next to the shop, was about 2″ above the dirt. The barn’s dirt floor was completely underwater.

8/31/2021, 5 am – Currently, in northern Mississippi, Ida took one more swipe at us early today with several storm-bans with more lightning and thunder than yesterday. As of 6 AM, we have received an additional 1.71″ of rain for a total of 13.02″.

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