Sprayed Lawn with Weed Free Zone


4/19/2023 – Using info developed and the experience from past years sprayed the lawn and turn rows in the garden with Fertilome’s Weed Free Zone (WFZ). WFZ kills/controls Florida Betony, Spiderwort, and Creeping Charlie which are major issues this year…as usual.

From the post on 4/18/2021 for tests of Fergie’s speeds.

Gear at 540 RPMSecs for 200′FPSMPH
3H Too Fast18.2117.5

Today’s Plan

  • Apply the upper end of the range at 1.25 oz/KSF for WFZ for 1,000 SF. The Label says the range is 0.75 – 1.5 fl. oz. per KSF.
  • For Fergie at 540 RPM in Gear 1H she goes 3.7 MPH.
  • From Ag-Sprayer chart – 4 MPH at 40 psi puts out 0.23 Gallons/1000 SF. Say, 0.25 at 3.7 MPH. That is more water than the minimum.
  • Areas to spray – 15,500+3,000+5,000+4,000+4,600+5,000(misc) = 37,100 SF. See the layout below.
  • The Mix
    • Water amount required will be 0.25 gal x 37.1 KSF = 9.275 gallons
    • Nonionic Surfactant at 1 TBSP/Gallon = 9 Tbsp = ½ Cup + 1 TBSP
    • WFZ at 1.25 oz/KSF for 37.1 KSF = 46 oz.


Followed the above Plan and had less than a gallon left in the bottom of the tank. The 5,000 SF miscellaneous, which also provided a contingency, combined with the tables for the sprayer and the data used for Fergie, provided a good quantity for the area.

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