Soil Temperatures Aug thru Oct 2021

DateTimeBig Garden
Mary’s Garden
Air °F
Greenhouse Remarks
8/1/213 pm1029895Partly Cloudy
8/5/213 pm96-98 in sun
90 in shaded area
Disked this AM. Partly Cloudy
8/6/213:30 pm82 @squash wet drip
88 in the dry
Partly cloudy AM. Cloudy >3PM
Day of 1st sowing for Fall Garden
8/7/213 pm 80 @squash wet drip
96, 98 in the dry
Shade 93
9892PM – Partly cloudy
8/8/213 pm96 @ corn
82 @squash wet drip
9492Hazy, mostly sunny
8/20/214 pm94928980% cloudy
8/21/213:30 pm999692 Hazy, mostly sunny
8/24/213 pm949499112Mostly sunny
8/25/213 pm,979495 dropped to 87 45 min103Storms passing
8/26/213 pm101999412575% sunny
9/1/213 pm98928810825% cloudy, windy & 48 hrs after Hurr. Ida
9/10/213:30 pm98 @ 8886Sunny. This AM was 1st time in the 60’s w/ high in 80s
9/11/212:3098 in sun
84 in shade
9089Sunny no clouds
9/21/20213 pm90 in the sun848399Sunny morning, cloudy PM
9/21/20213 pm92 in the sun907899Mostly sunny all day
9/25/20213 pm92 in the sun
78 in the shade
9483101 Mostly sunny all day
The shaded area will be broccoli
10/13/20213 pm82828696Mostly Cloudy
10/24/20212 pm84 (1)808696Partly Cloudy and Pecan Trees have lost most of their leaves
10/27/20212 pm78847886Overcast all day. Front arrived early evening with 2.41″ of rain
10/28/20213 pm69707280Clear, windy


  1. 10/25/2021 – Radishes, cabbage, bok choi, diakons radish, and brocolli has germinated to date; i.e. in the past 2 weeks.
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