Planted Seedlings in the Large Garden & Seeds Sprouting


4/7/2019 – Corn, pea seeds, and sweet pepper seeds were planted in the very dry beds on 3/28/2019. On 4/4 and 4/5 the dry spell was broken by a long slow 2.6″ of rain. Today, 3 days later, a few corn and pea seeds have sprouted.

We used Frank’s hiller to make a bed on the west-most edge of the north side of the garden next to the sand pear and planted the Mortgage Lifter VFN improved tomato sets we grew from seed. They are spaced about 27″ apart.

We also planted the Carolina Wonder Sweet Bell Pepper seedlings as a continuation of the row I began with the same seeds as the 6th row from the east on the south end. To loosen the soil–we just had 2.6″ of rain since the bed was pulled up–I raked the top of the bed with the four-tine hoe and then leveled it with the garden rake. They are spaced about 18″ apart.

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