Sowed Carrots and Spinach


10/29/2021 – A good cold front blew through the day before yesterday dropping 2.41 inches of rain and dropping temperatures by about 10°. Of course, soil temps have also dropped and are now in a good range for carrots and spinach.

The hilled rows have had heavy rains and so I used the 4-tined hoe to loosen the two 2 inches.


Three varieties of carrots were sowed in the 2nd row from the east side in the north half. The part of the row is the south 1/3 that is south of the Cheers Mustard that is about 2 inches high. The varieties were:

  • Imperator – south end
  • Scarlet Nante – middle
  • Yellow Stone Organic – 6′ of the north end
  1. First, sprinkled on about 3 cups of 8-8-8 and raked it into the top 1-2 inches of the row.
  2. Pressed the hoe handle into the soil to create a 1/2 inch deep groove. Dropped the seed into the groove trying to get 14 or so evenly spaced. In many places, there were more seeds than that dropped in. Had added some radish seeds that will come up quickly and mark the row so we know where to watch for the carrots…and hopefully, there will be some to see.
  3. Used the garden rake to pull the damp, loose soil over the seeds to get about ½-inch of cover. Used the back of the hoe to lightly firm the soil over the seeds.

These actions are following the advice from HOSS on the 2021 Planning page.


  1. Raked out the hill to loosen the heavy rain-packed soil in the westmost row in the north half.
  2. Spread 8-8-8 on the hill, chopped the hill 3-4″ deep with the 4-tine hoe, Raked the hill level.
  3. Drug the hoe handle tip to create a ½-1 inch deep groove. Dropped in seeds.
  4. Pulled soil over them by hand and patted the soil to firm it around the seeds.
  5. Sowed three 2021 varities that were:
    1. Bloomsdale Long Standing Spinach – south end for about half the row
    2. Corvair – short section in the middle.
    3. Fantail – north end of the row.

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