Sidedressed & Cultivated Peas, Beans, Onions, & Radishes. Cultivated Okra & Peppers.


5/27/2021 – Although peas and beans are not to be side dressed, they had no fertilizer below the hill and looked pale. Sprinkled on a handful of 13-13-13 every 6-8 feet and cultivated to kill the few weeds and blend in some of the fertilizer. Hand cultivated close to the 8-12″ high plants to further mix in the fertilizer and kill more weeds.

The okra is 1-2″ high and beginning to get true leaves. The cultivation loosed the packed soil and killed weeds up to the strips that were hand weeded yesterday. Hand cultivated between the seedlings.

The soil in the onion row was packed hard from the heavy rains and breaking it up while blending in some of the 13-13-13 should be good for them.

The short double row of radishes is in the onion row and so it too was loosened by Fergie. The portion of the row between the radishes and onions is still empty.

Backed down the full row of peppers and cultivated them to kill weeds and break up the packed soil.

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